On the heels of the 2016 election, a group of Black business and civic leaders gathered to ask one another:

  • How can we do more to increase positive outcomes for the Black community?
  • Why do we invest in politics in a way we would never invest in business?
  • Where did our political contributions go?
  • Did our money have an impact?
  • How can Black donors get accountability and higher returns on our investments in the political arena?
  • And finally: how can we organize for greater impact?

With that, the Black Economic Alliance was created in 2018. The affiliate Black Economic Alliance PAC and Fund were established at the same time as the umbrella organization in 2018 to create the premier political donor collaborative for business leaders and allies committed to Black economic progress.

What do the BEA PAC and Fund do?

  • Harness the collective power of political donors committed to advancing economic progress for Black Americans to yield better results and accountability from political donations
  • Do the homework for donors committed to BEA’s mission by supporting the necessary political and policy ecosystem and highlighting elected officials and organizations that partners can support.
  • Advance an economic policy agenda focused on improving economic outcomes in three core areas: Work, Wages, and Wealth.
  • Support candidates for office who are aligned with that agenda by providing endorsements and funding key elections
  • Influence government officials across the political spectrum and hold them accountable to this agenda